About Us

Formed in 2018, FluffyAvenue is a site dedicated and aimed at all cat lovers. With a fine and diverse collection of wonderful cat-related attire and accessories, we make caring for your cat so much simpler.

And that, put simply, is our goal: to make looking after your beloved pet a much easier experience. We’ve had the heartfelt joy of engaging with cats for most of our lives personally and professionally. That experience allows us to know what a cat yearns for, and how to ensure they get what they need in life.

FluffyAvenue, then, you can make both your own life and your cat’s life easier!

We’ve got all manner of awesome tools and toys. We sell stunning cat apparel and clothing to keep your pet feeling fine. Alongside that, we’ve got an excellent and growing collection of cat beds. Now, your cat can get a quality night’ sleep itself simply by relaxing and spending time on its own bed.
Give your cat that sense of freedom and ensure it feels part of the family. Our range of apparel and cat beds will ensure that your pet can feel like a true part of your household. We also have put together a fine collection of toys and other accessories. From making your cat walks a touch less stressful to making it easy for your dog to stay entertained when you’re at work, we’ve something for everyone.

The end result is simple; a range of solutions that makes the quality of life that your cat enjoys that little big higher. Everything that we do is aimed at making sure your cat can enjoy a much more exciting and enjoyable experience overall. The aim here is to simply make sure that all parties can enjoy themselves, and that there’s always a sense of comfort, happiness and joy throughout the day.
Don’t let your cat go without. Using our solutions, you’ll find it very easy to make sure your cat can go from A to B looking good. You’ll find ample toys to keep him or her in a great mood. And you’ll find all manner of homely accessories and useful solutions for making dog ownership so much simpler.

Sound like what you need? Then take a look at our diverse collection. We are sure that you will find something truly special to help give your cat that extra sense of comfort, freedom and joy!

Contact email: info@fluffyavenue.com